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From Junk Miles To Winners Smiles


Paul doesn't just produce training plans for me to follow religiously. He helps me identify new targets to keep me motivated; understands my constraints; and produces plans for my targets that ensure that whatever they are, I can enjoy them and get the most out of myself. Most importantly, he is interested in me as a person, listens to my feedback, and tailors the plans to help me maintain a balance. More often than not, he spots that my cycling-life balance is wrong before I do!"


Cycling is both a science and an art. As a certified BCF coach and with years riding at an Elite level, Paul understands both sides of that coin. He is the master of time crunched coaching too. Paul has me doing my best numbers year on year allowing me more time for day to day life. Could not recommend enough.


Before I started working with Paul I was old school in my approach. My training consisted of loads of junk miles with no real purpose & my results were few & far between.
Then I started using Paul as a coach & my training became very specific, focussed & time efficient. Consequently my results have vastly improved to the point that I won my age group in the Vets cycling series in 2019. 
It’s not only the training structure that Paul provides, he improves both your physical & mental fitness. Based on his experience as a successful racing cyclist he also provides invaluable guidance & instruction about race craft & how to approach your training & racing. Paul keeps things calm, flexible & gives you the confidence & belief you need to help you succeed. Paul has transformed my performance from middle of the road to front of the road. It proves you can teach an old dog new tricks

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